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Project Results



  • Report about the Refurbishment of Faestningens Materialgaard, Copenhagen, Denmark - Dec 2011 - download

    This report documents a refurbishment process starting with an energy analysis of the building and the development of possible solution by an interdisciplinary workgroup consisting of the building’s owners, authorities, architect and engineers.

  • Report "Upgrading the energy performance of Elmehuset in the Old People’s Town, Copenhagen, Denmark" - Oct 2012 - download

    This report compiles the overall conclusions and describes the interdisciplinary challenges, possible and actual solutions for upgrading the energy performance of older multi-storey brick buildings.

  • Report "Upgrading the energy performance at Kavalergården, Copenhagen, Denmark" - Dec 2012 - download

    The report presents an energy upgrade of the building complex Kavalergården and primarily demonstrates measures for the improvement of the thermal insulation. The energy upgrade of Kavalergården is a good example of best-practise energy upgrade of old preserved buildings using state-of-the-art measures to improve the energy performance.

  • “Analysis of existing buildings for energy-saving measures taking into account the conservation of historical value”, Hamburg, Germany (2013) - download

    This document has been prepared as a guide with recommendations for action in terms of project management. The step-by-step guide reflects both the basic steps of the project as well as the depth of the research and planning content.

  • “Study of energy efficient measures – a life cycle perspective”, Malmö/ Lund, Sweden - 2013 - download

    The purpose of this study is to analyse the efficiency of different measures and opportunities to enhance the energy performance of existing buildings built before the 1940s. The study object has been a building that earlier was a hospital and a psychiatric ward built in the 1930s and located in the Sege park area of Malmö.

  • “Study of the brick and stone buildings in Tartu”, Tallinn, Estonia - 2012 - download

    This analysis was conducted to determine the energy performance value (EPV) of the brick and stone buildings in Tartu which are located in milieu valuable areas or are part of the architectural heritage. The research included 19 buildings and, in addition, the report also studies the heat and electricity consumption of the buildings and compares them to the average characteristics of another 64 buildings in Tartu.

  • “Study of the indoor climate and air leakages in brick and stone buildings in Tartu”, Tallinn, Estonia - 2013 - download

    Based on EPV study the indoor climate was studied in depth (continuous monitoring and thermography) in two buildings over two years in Tartu. Based on the results of the study detailed recommendations were prepared for house owners and service providers.

  • "Study of Energy audit of historical manor Studzienka", Gdansk, Poland - english summary - download - / whole study in polish - download

    The manor house is a protected building dated between XVII and XVIII century. The purpose of energy audit was to examine existing energy efficiency for all elements of the building (walls, floor, doors, windows and roof) and the existing heating appliances, hot water and ventilation systems to suggest methods and materials which gives satisfactory thermal performance of renovated building according to renovation project.

  • "Study about the thermo modernization of the BHP Hall", Gdansk, Poland - english summary - download - / whole study in polish - download

    This study is an ex post analysis of the thermo modernization of BHP Hall in Gdansk Shipyard. The implemented measures are examined and also suggestions for some further improvement are given.

  • “Study of 2 heating systems with and without internal insulation in the multi-storey building ‘Passierzettel’”, Hamburg (2014/2015) - "Vorwort"/ Introduction with Summary - download - Study because of the size of the original publication in two parts - Part 1 - Part 2
    Previous Version “Study of 2 heating systems with and without internal insulation in the multi-storey building ‘Passierzettel’”, Hamburg (2013) - because of the size of the original publication in two parts - Part 1 - Part 2

    The study describes the research on four different variations of combinations of heating system and insulation in a residential building from the 1920s. The main aim was to find out how the walls behave under the different conditions created by the different energy efficiency concepts.

  • "Study about energy efficiency measures in the historic group of brick buildings Holstenkamp, Hamburg (2014)" - download
  • “Wall tempering systems – overview and current discussion”, Hamburg, Germany (2013) - english - german

    This study conducted by the Technical University of Braunschweig gives an overview about the building physics; research projects the current status of discussion concerning wall tempering systems.

  • “Survey on Energy certificates in the BSR”, Visby Sweden (2013) - download

    Swedish National Heritage Board conducted a survey in March 2013 about the different systems of energy audits/certificates based on questionnaires to the 18 project partners from the participating 9 European countries – Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Germany and Denmark.

  • "Survey about energy audits in historic buildings in Poland", Gdansk, Poland (2013) - download

    This paper concerns the development of the results of the consultation on the energy efficiency of historic buildings in Poland, conducted among peoples involved in this topic.

  • “Research on thermal flow and humidity at architectural heritage building brick facades and energy audits in 10 buildings in Latvia”, Riga Latvia (2012) - download
  • “Retrofitting Listed Buildings: Measures, Savings and Requirements”, Copenhagen, Denmark (2011) - download

    Professional article of Toben V. Rasmussen, Danish Building Research Institute, about energy efficiency issues in historic buildings.

  • “Hygrothermal performance of internally insulated brick wall in cold climate: field measurement and model calibration”, Tallinn, Estonia (2013) - download
    Professional article of P. Klõšeiko, E. Arumägi and T. Kalamees, Tallinn University of Technology about the measurements in Kothla-Järve.
  • “Energy Efficiency Improvement Potential in Historical Brick Building”, Riga, Latvia (2013) - download
    Survey of Andra Blumberga, Gatis Zogla, Kristaps Zvaigznitis and Dagnija Blumberga, Institute of Energy Systems and Environment, Riga Technical University about the measurements in the pilot project in Riga.
  • Surveys about technical solutions of energy efficiency improvements with focus on specific technical issues, the following surveys were conducted in 2013:
    • “Shading Systems", Minsk, Belarus - download
    • “Examples of Measures to improve the thermal envelope of brickBuildings”, Copenhagen, Denmark - download
    • “Ventilation", Tallinn, Estonia - download
    • “Dämmung Hohlmauerwerk”, Kiel, Germany - download
    • “Heating Systems", Kiel, Germany - download
    • “Windows”, Gdansk, Poland - download
    • “Technical devices for energy saving", Malmö, Sweden - download
  • Guidelines and Recommendations
    • “Energy conservation in cultural heritage brick/stone buildings. Recommendations”, Tartu, Estonia - download
    • 10 steps for sustainable energy refurbishment in historical buildings (guideline for owners), Tallinn, Estonia - download
    • Recommendations for sustainable rehabilitation of historical buildings (for service providers), Tallinn, Estonia  - download
  • Further Best practise examples
    • Button Factory, Posnan, Poland - download
    • Glass house in SegePark, Malmö, Sweden - download
    • Kalmar Slott, Kalmar, Sweden (in Swedish) - download
    • Skeppsgossen, Sweden (in Swedish) - download
    • Karlskrona, Sweden (in Swedish) - download
    • Öja kyrka, Växjö, Sweden (in Swedish) - download
    • Retrofitting measures, Lund, Sweden - download
  • The Co2olBricks Pilot Projects
  • Database for best practise examples - download
  • Overview Technical Solutions - download