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KIINKO - Real Estate Education

Kiinko Real Estate Education offers specialist postgraduate education and training for asset, property and facilities management professionals in Finland.
The company was founded in 1978 by Finland’s main real estate associations, and these associations are still our owners today. Through the owners and our institutional partners Kiinko has close ties with the Finnish real estate and construction business. We also have close cooperation with universities and other research institutions both in Finland and internationally.
Since the beginning Kiinko’s mission has been to support the Finnish real estate and construction industry by providing top quality courses and education programmes for professionals involved in all aspects of the property business.
Kiinko is divided into two parts: the Foundation, which concentrates on long term programs and the Centre, which concentrates on short intensive courses.

The owners are:

  • The Finnish Real Estate Federation (FREF)
  • The Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients (RAKLI)
  • The Finnish Association of Real Estate Agents (SKVL)
  • Finnish Real Estate Management Federation (FREMF)
  • Student Housing in Finland Ltd (SOA)
  • The Swedish Real Estate Association in Helsinki
  • VVO Group
  • SATO Corporation

The institutional partners are:

  • Finnish Facility Management Association (FIFMA)
  • Property Valuation Board of the Central Chamber of Commerce
  • The Institute for Real Estate Economics (KTI)
  • KTI Property Information Ltd
  • The Central Federation of Finnish Real Estate Agencies (KVKL)

Kiinko Real Estate Education is about lifelong learning. Our courses and programmes fall into four main groups:

  • Group 1 is real estate business and management, including leadership aspects
  • Group 2 is construction and construction project management, including infrastructure, housing and commercial buildings as well as all renovation related projects
  • Group 3 is administration and property management
  • Group 4 is facilities management and services

Several programmes can be approved as part of academic studies, for instance, we run an MBA-module for University of Jyväskylä.

Kiinko in CO2OL Bricks

Kiinko will have activities in WP2 (communications) and WP5 (education):
Kiinko will participate in the implementation of project’s outputs and results in the Finnish framework. That will be done in cooperation with FREF (The Finnish Real Estate Federation) and networks of experts. Kiinko will establish two networks:

  • one with real estate and construction experts (including the Ministry of the Environment and Board of Antiquities);
  • the other network will consist of educational organizations.

The implementation will mean for example:

  • translation and printing of publications, curricula and training materials (in suitable measures)
  • study trips for Finnish real estate and construction professionals to see pilot projects or attend seminars.

For the base of all our project activities Kiinko will make an inventory of cultural heritage and survey the problems in that field.
Kiinko will communicate in Finland the outputs and results accomplished in the project.

Real Estate Education
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Häme Castle, Hämeenlinna, Finland (source: Marja-Leena Sallinen)