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European Foundation of Monuments Protection

The objectives of the Europejska Fundacja Ochrony Zabytków (EFOZ) are following: regeneration and management of historical objects, including promotion and international co-operation for these activities. The main forms of activity are research, taking over historical objects to restore them and provide maintenance, organising and financing conferences, seminars, trainings, granting awards and scholarships, and also information, publishing and promotion activities.
From 2004 the Foundation has participated in many projects in the field of cultural heritage, mainly as a leading partner. It has huge experience in cross-border projects. It has been co-operating with the Copernicus University in Torun on permanent basis, organising student internships in the field of archaeological research. The Foundation has substantial research resources: experts and volunteers. The funds for the activities come from grants and subventions.


European Foundation of Monuments Protection
Aleksandra Kociałkowska
fon: +48 58 305 30 20