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City of Riga

Riga City Development Department is the leading Riga Municipal institution in the field of construction supervision territory planning, detailed planning, elaboration of amendments to these and their control.

The Department is an independent legal entity with its own balance and settlement account. Administratively, it is subordinate to the Riga City Council Chairman; the Department’s operation is monitored by the City Development Committee. The Department has been operating since 1994 in its current organizational and legal format, but the history of its functional predecessor dates back to the 1970s.

Activities of Department include Riga development planning, to determine the land usage and construction procedure in conformity with municipal territory planning, to elaborate and implement the territory planning, detailed planning and amendments to these, to promote the Riga city economic development and format the economic development strategy, promote international cooperation of the city of Riga, to represent the interests of the city of Riga with regard to projects of the European Union and international institutions, and to facilitate the initiation and start the elaboration of projects by creating and developing ideas of the projects in conformity with the Riga evolution strategic plans and actual needs of the residents.

Department has been actively involved in many transnational co-operation project part-financed by European Union for about 10 years.

Aim of Department within “Co2ol Bricks” is to make a comprehensive research about brick buildings in Riga which will conclude with refurbishment of one of the historic brick buildings in Riga increasing its energy efficiency. Additionally it is planned to organize a tourism itinerary about historic brick buildings in Riga including publication of brochure about historic brick buildings in Riga. In addition to these about three expert seminars are planned about refurbishment and energy efficiency issues organized together with another Latvian partner in the project – Riga Technical University.


City of Riga
City Development Department
Martins Menniks
fon: +371 29410699




Renovated brick building in Melnsila 7, Riga (source: Andra Blumberga)