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Centre for Development Programs (EMI-ECO)

The Centre for Development Programmes EMI-ECO was established in 1992 as independent, non-governmental, non-advocacy interdisciplinary consulting and training organisation aiming at support for sustainable development in Estonia.
To achieve our goals, EMI-ECO carries out regional and organisation sustainable development programmes for public, private and non-governmental sector decision makers providing also tailor made professional development training events and facilitating networking between different stakeholders.
EMI-ECO is a networking type of organisation - in addition to three full-time staff members we cooperate with national and local authorities in Estonia, and participate actively in international networks of experts involving the best available expertise to fulfil our mission statement.
Starting from the beginning, EMI-ECO has initiated and actively participates in number of international projects and EU programmes. 


Centre for Development Programs (EMI-ECO)
Anne Randmer
fon: +372 5049798