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Information Center for Sustainable Renovation NGO (SRIK NGO)

The Information Centre for Sustainable Renovation (SRIK) was established in 2001 in the Kalamaja area of Tallinn as a subsidiary of the Estonian Heritage Society. By today we have become an independent non-profit organisation, SRIK MTÜ, which cooperates with SRIKs in other Estonian towns and other organizations with similar aims.

SRIK aims to contribute to the creation and preservation of culture and environment-friendly surroundings.

The information centre gathers and offers information, organises workshops and seminars, and initiates and carries out projects in line with SRIKs aims. We also enhance the use of traditional and natural building and finishing materials in the construction and repair of buildings.

Sustainable renovation has been defined as modernisation of buildings with care for the history of old buildings, sustaining the environment and economic expediency. SRIK’s activities:

  • Restoration classes, workshops and summer camps;
  •  Consultations (offered by architects, engineers, restorers or historians) on how to restore an old building as authentically and as true to style and material as possible;
  • Information days and discussion clubs on issues of sustainable and ecological building and lifestyles;
  • Information room with a variety of information carriers;
  • Bringing together restorers of old buildings and assisting them in their professional activities;
  • Contributing to the reuse of old building materials;
  • Enhancement and wider spread of recommended means and materials of restoration;
  • Participation in international cooperation projects;
  • Contributing to sustainable renovation activity in other areas of Estonia, promotion of cooperation and synergy with other SRIKs.


Information Center for Sustainable Renovation NGO
Tarmo-Andre Elvisto
fon: +372 6414434