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Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden

The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden (ESS) is owned by the registered association Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden, which is owned by the municipalities in the region as well as the regional councils in Kalmar, Kronoberg and Blekinge. Other public actors may also become members of this association. It is a non-profit company that must not compete with private actors in the market for energy- and transport related services. The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden Ltd is based in Växjö, Sweden and also has branches in Oskarshamn, Karlskrona and Kalmar, Sweden.
ESS promotes continuously energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources in all parts of society including heating, electricity and transport on the local, regional and European level. We support efforts towards an increased understanding of energy- and transport issues in a long-term perspective. Our goal is to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and support regional development. In this work we co-operate with a variety of Swedish and European partners. The Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Road Administration support this work actively.
ESS has a broad experience of energy efficiency campaigns, training of all level of professional staff and of energy audits. ESS is the regional hub for energy efficiency actions in the southeast of Sweden. ESS are administrators and responsible for the network of the local climate and energy advisers in the region and is also running the local climate and energy advice service in local levels in some municipalities.

In Cool Bricks ESS will contribute in WP3, WP4 and WP5. Since our main competence is the energy field WP4 with technical innovations and new methods is of great interest. ESS wants to look at the the whole building as a unit when choosing among measures to make the building more energy efficient. We also have experience from education which can be of interest in WP 5. For the contribution in the field of cultural heritage we have great competence among other Swedish partners in the project and in close cooperation with them we will also cover the aspects of cultural value in our region. ESS have plans to share good and bad experiences from Sweden and our region and we will try to follow one or a few coming projects as pilot projects where we will try to use experiences from Cool Bricks to develop new technology and methods and to share the results with the Cool Brick partners. ESS every year arrange many larger and smaller regional events and seminars and we will use them to inform and make the Cool Bricks project more visible.

Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden
Daniel Uppsäll
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