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Ausbildungszentrum-Bau in Hamburg GmbH


The Ausbildungszentrum-Bau in Hamburg GmbH (AZB) is HamburgĀ“s vocational training centre for key building crafts. Since 1971 the AZB has been training young people for work in the construction trade. Additionally experienced craftsmen are provided further education through training courses and seminars.
The AZB is an acknowledged Centre of Competence for sustainable construction. In an information and communication centre you can experience house models in scale 1:1 demonstrating typical constructions of different periods of time.

Our focus lies on the education of craftsmen (WP 5), e.g. about

  • Specific expertise about old methods of construction and materials
  • Skills in suitable methods of refurbishment
  • The economic aspect of refurbishment

Best practice examples and innovative technology are used to refurbish historical structures (coop. with WP 4). With regional education partners and stakeholders we find out feasible ways and raise the acceptance for work on heritage buildings. We share this knowledge with the project partners and integrate the findings in new learning modules as well as in existing curricula.

House model - Commercial building (turn of the century)